Ways To Sell Your Old Gold Jewelry

Posted on: 6 November 2018

There are many ways you can sell your gold jewelry if you need fast cash for an emergency or if you just don't want your jewelry anymore. Here are places you can sell your gold jewelry without issue.

Local gold buyer

Your local gold buyer is a professional appraiser who buys gold in many forms, including jewelry, gold coins, and other types of gold. This person takes the value of your gold and takes a small fee for themselves, then pays you cash upfront for your valuables. The more jewelry you have to sell, the more money you can get for your collection.

Online gold buyer

An online gold buyer is likely something you've seen on TV. You send in your unwanted gold jewelry, watches, and other gold pieces and receive a quote for their worth, then if you decide to move forward, they send you a check or give you cash in the mail. If you decide you want to keep your valuables after having them appraised, they will be sent back to you.

Pawn shop

Many pawn shop brokers are also gold appraisers or accept jewelry to put in their display cases and sell later. You can choose to sell your gold jewelry outright to get cash for your items, or you can get a loan out on your jewelry that you have to pay back if you aren't ready to part ways with your gems just yet.

Local jewelry store

A jewelry store may be willing to buy your unwanted gold jewelry, provided the pieces aren't broken. Some jewelry stores will buy your gold jewelry and give you cash for the gems, while others will give you store credit for your jewelry. You may have better luck going to the same jewelry store where your jewelry is originally from to get the most money for your investment, although any jewelry store that accepts trade ins or buys jewelry will be happy to give your collection a look.

Before selling your jewelry in any fashion, it's wise to have your jewelry appraised. This way, you know how much your jewelry is worth in advance so you can barter a fair price for your collection. A jewelry appraiser in your area will be willing to give you an appraisal and may even offer to buy your jewelry as well. You can make a lot of money off unwanted jewelry if you know where to sell it properly. For more information, contact local companies like Longhorn Jewelry Exchange.