• Avoid Home Jewelry Cleaning Methods That May Do Harm

    Every jewelry owner wants to keep their collection bright and sparkly and in great condition. But taking everything to a professional jewelry cleaner is an expensive proposition. Would you rather clean your pieces at home for a fraction of the cost? If so, one of the most important things you can do is avoid unsafe methods to clean jewelry. Here are three of the biggest cleaning dangers you face. Ultrasonic Cleaners
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  • Mother's Day Gift Guide: 3 Jewelry Trends Your Mom May Like

    Think about how many times you've called your mom for advice, how many nights she was up with you when you were little, and how much you rely on her every day. Then, think about how there is only one day a year dedicated to celebrate her as your mother. Doesn't that make you want to get her something unique and maybe even a little extravagant?  One of the best things to gift your mom for mother's day is a piece of jewelry.
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  • 3 Tips That Will Help You Plan The Perfect Proposal

    Have you officially decided to ask your partner to marry you? After everything you have been through with one another, it probably feels like the right time to ask, and you may be ready to commit yourself to this person who means a lot to you. If you know that you are ready to get into a marriage where you will experience ups and downs but remain faithful along the way, you should follow these simple tips that will help you prepare for the perfect proposal.
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