Caring For Your Moonstone Jewelry

Posted on: 15 July 2019

Moonstone is a highly-sought after form of feldspar that appears as though it is glowing. This glow occurs when light shimmers between two layers of an object, a phenomenon called adularescense. Moonstone is beautiful, fragile, and must be cared for correctly to avoid any damage. Here are a few simple tips to help you properly care for your moonstone jewelry.

Clean Your Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone jewelry is beautiful but can be scratched or lose its luster if it is not cleaned properly. The safest method is to clean your moonstone jewelry with a microfiber cloth, warm water, and mild dish soap. Soak the jewelry in a bowl of warm water to loosen any dirt and grime.

Pull the ring out of the plain water and place it into a separate bowl of soapy water. Use a microfiber cloth to carefully clean off the jewelry. Do not use any abrasive cleansers to help avoid scratches. Rinse off the soapy water and dry the moonstone jewelry with a separate microfiber cloth.

Never use a store-bought liquid or cream jewelry cleanser on moonstone. The chemicals in these cleansers can negatively impact the look of your moonstone.

Avoid using an ultrasonic or steam jewelry cleaner on your moonstone jewelry. Ultrasonic cleaners can cause damage, while a steam cleaner could cause your moonstone jewelry to lose its luster.

Prevent Damage and Scratches

Be careful when wearing your moonstone jewelry to prevent scratches, chips, or other types of damage. Never do any housework, exercise, or perform other activities that could cause you to sweat or get cleansers on the moonstone. Avoid getting perfume, lotions, or other health and beauty products on the moonstone.

If you accidentally get lotion, bleach cleaner, or another product on your jewelry, rinse it off immediately. Take your moonstone jewelry to a professional jeweler if the piece has lost its luster or you notice any scratches or damage.

Store Your Moonstone Jewelry

Clean your moonstone jewelry before storing it. If you can't use soap and water, rinse it off and dry the piece first. Place each piece of jewelry separately inside a velvet or cloth sachet. Do not store moonstone jewelry with other pieces of jewelry to avoid scratching the stone. Keep the moonstone jewelry in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Moonstone jewelry, such as Moonchild Hoop Earrings, is elegant, mysterious, and must be cared for properly. Never use abrasive cleansers, avoid wearing moonstone jewelry while cleaning the house, and make sure to store it properly.