Three Reasons Why You Should Repair All Of The Jewelry Belonging To Your Estate

Posted on: 29 October 2019

Estate jewelry is typically the valuable stuff you want to leave to your heirs. However, your heirs are probably not going to like receiving a lot of broken jewelry. There are estate jewelry repair services that can fix all of your broken jewelry before you pass it down the family line. Here are some more good reasons for having this jewelry repaired.

Jewelry Is Worth More When It Is Not Broken

When stones are not loose or missing from their settings, and chains are not broken, jewelry is worth more. If your goal is to leave your heirs things of value, why not make sure the jewelry is worth what it should be worth, and have it fixed? Then your heirs can enjoy and appreciate their inheritance more. 

Broken Jewelry Ends Up Sold as Scrap

It's an all-too-frequent tale—broken jewelry is viewed as something that is best sold and melted down than fixed and worn. Even if that gold necklace has been in your family since your great-grandmother twice removed sat on it to protect it from looting Civil War soldiers, an heir may still only see a broken item that should be sold as scrap. Prevent that from happening by making the piece (or pieces) whole again. 

Jewelry That Is Not Broken Is Worn More Often and Enjoyed

The idea behind leaving an heir your jewelry is so that that heir wears it and enjoys wearing it. If it is broken, your heir can do none of those things. It just ends up sitting in a jewelry box until it is sold, melted down, auctioned off, etc. Give the jewelry more life with an heir by having professionals repair it before you will it to your heir(s). Additionally, if you have the jewelry repaired while you are still alive, you can continue to enjoy it and wear it as well. 

It Really Does Not Cost Much to Fix It

Some people assume that repairing a piece of jewelry costs more than to just leave it broken. That is simply not the case. Replacing a prong on the setting of a ring, a charm, or an earring is trivial compared to the overall value of the piece after it is repaired. If a chain is broken, and it is not a very fine chain, it does not cost much to put in a replacement clasp or replacement link. It also does not take a lot of time to complete any of these simple jewelry repairs.