3 Tips That Will Help You Plan The Perfect Proposal

Posted on: 7 February 2020

Have you officially decided to ask your partner to marry you? After everything you have been through with one another, it probably feels like the right time to ask, and you may be ready to commit yourself to this person who means a lot to you. If you know that you are ready to get into a marriage where you will experience ups and downs but remain faithful along the way, you should follow these simple tips that will help you prepare for the perfect proposal. You want to create a special moment that you and your partner will remember for the rest of your lives.

Decide Where You Want to Propose

Do you have a location in mind for the proposal? Picking the right spot can truly set the mood for the moment when you decide to get on one knee, pull out that beautiful engagement ring, and ask the question. If you have no idea where to propose, consider some of these options:

  • On the beach by the ocean when the sun is beginning to set
  • In the spot where you first met one another
  • In a beautiful park surrounded by trees, shrubs, and flowers
  • On the rooftop of your home or apartment complex, if you have access to it
  • On a helicopter ride
  • At your partner's favorite restaurant during a delicious meal

Think about some of these places where you can propose and decide which one your partner will enjoy the most. You could propose in front of a lot of people or have something more discreet while walking alone on the beach or hanging out on the rooftop as you normally might do with one another. You know what your partner likes, so be sure to choose a location based on what will impress them.

Spend Time Selecting the Perfect Engagement Ring

Selecting the perfect engagement ring for your partner is a must. Aside from choosing a beautiful piece, you need to choose something that matches your partner's style. For example, if your partner prefers dainty and simplistic jewelry, you would not want to buy the flashiest piece you can find. After considering your partner's style, you can ask yourself a few questions to help you with the selection process. These are just some of the questions to ask yourself as you try to pick an engagement ring for your partner:

Would my partner want a diamond ring or can I select a different type of stone?

If you know your partner loves diamonds, you can start looking for diamond engagement rings. If not, check out other stones that are just as beautiful.

What are some of the other stone options?

Although diamonds are a top choice, other stones are available for engagement rings, including morganite, alexandrite, and even rubies.

Would my partner prefer a morganite stone because of its pink tone?

Morganite stones are becoming incredibly popular because of their light pink tone. If your partner loves light shades of pink, a beautiful morganite ring is worth it.

What type of cut should I select?

You can browse through different rings that have different cuts. Some different types include cushion cut, princess cut, marquise cut, and emerald cut, all of which have a unique appearance.

Figure Out What You Are Going to Say

It helps to practice what you want to say before you end up proposing. You might want to bring up some of the best memories you have of you and your partner spending time together, or you might want to explain all the reasons why you love your partner. Regardless of what you plan to say, practicing by saying it aloud is a simple way to make sure you have mastered what you plan to say and do not mess up when the time comes to propose. 

Planning the perfect proposal might seem like a lot of work. With these tips, you can plan for such a special moment without stress.