Tips for Caring for Your Luxury Strand Gold Necklace

Posted on: 22 June 2021

A gold strand necklace can be a common piece of jewelry. However, individuals that own these necklaces can often struggle with effectively maintaining them. While this piece of jewelry can be somewhat fragile, there are a few basic ways that you can substantially reduce the risk of the necklace becoming damaged.

Prevent Knots in The Necklace When You Store It

Knots are a common problem when it comes to gold necklaces. In particular, individuals will often find that these necklaces can become extremely knotted when they have been stored without being hung. Over time, it can be possible for the strands of the necklaces to become tangled, which can lead to an extremely difficult knot to remove. In some cases, this knot can be thick enough that it cannot be removed without damaging the rest of the necklace.

Regularly Clean and Polish the Gold

If gold is not regularly cleaned and polished, it will likely start to tarnish over time. This can lead to the gold losing much of the luster that makes it a popular option for jewelry. Unfortunately, cleaning a gold necklace can actually be somewhat difficult due to the number of small spaces and crevices that can be in it. For this reason, individuals will often prefer to have their gold necklaces cleaned by a professional jeweler. These services will be able to clean and polish the entirety of the gold necklace so that even the small crevices in it can be restored to their original appearance.

Replace Damaged Clasps as Soon as Possible

The clasp of the gold necklace can be one of the components that will be the most likely to suffer damage or excessive wear that will have to be addressed. This is largely due to the fact that the clasp will need to be used each time that the necklace is put on or taken off. If you notice that your necklace's clasp has started to become warped or that it is no longer staying secure, you should have it replaced immediately. Otherwise, there will be a strong chance that the necklace could actually fall off without you noticing.

Luckily, replacing a damaged clasp will be among the simplest repairs that you can make for the necklace, and it can be done without changing the way that the necklace will fit or look while you are wearing it. However, you may need to leave the necklace with a jeweler if they are too busy to replace the clasp while you wait.

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