Three Important Stages In The Custom Jewelry Process

Posted on: 15 April 2022

Ordering a piece of custom jewelry can be exciting because it begins with an idea in your head and ends up with a tangible product on your finger, around your neck, or elsewhere on your body. When you work with a custom jeweler, there are several steps in the process that allow you to check on the jeweler's design to ensure that it meets your criteria. Your jeweler wants you to be satisfied with the finished product, so don't be afraid of making suggestions and otherwise sharing your feedback during the process. Here are three important stages that you'll encounter.


One of the first stages of working with a custom jeweler is creating a sketch of how your piece may look. After you've described what you want, shown your jeweler pictures of some comparable pieces online, and even shared your own rough sketches, they'll get busy producing a sketch that they can share with you. This may take a little time for a complex piece, but it may be a quick process for something that is simpler. When the sketch is complete, the jeweler will sit down with you so that you can assess the drawing and ensure the jeweler is on the right track.

3D Rendering

Provided that you're pleased with the sketch, the jeweler will proceed by creating a three-dimensional rendering of the jewelry with a specialized computer program. This rendering will allow you to see the details of the piece more easily than on the sketch, as you'll be able to zoom in on it. Additionally, the jeweler will rotate the rendering on the screen however you wish, giving you the ability to see it from every angle. Once you've looked at the piece from multiple angles, you'll likely feel confident that it's the right design for you.

Wax Model

Custom jewelers will commonly produce a wax model of the piece of jewelry as the final stage before actually producing the piece. The wax model is useful because you're able to hold it in your hand, rather than just see the design on a piece of paper or on a computer screen. You'll often be able to try the wax model on, too. For example, you can slip a wax model of a ring over your finger to get a sense of how it looks on you. Once you're happy with the wax model, your jeweler will begin to build your custom jewelry piece.