Figaro Link Chains And Accent Pieces

Posted on: 5 July 2022

A Figaro chain contains flattened circular and oval links that are arranged in a pattern. This type of chain could make a nice gift for your spouse. A chain may be constructed of valuable or invaluable metals and may feature separate accessories that will accent a chain.

The Quality

If your spouse enjoys dressing up and going out to fancy establishments, you may choose to invest a considerable amount of money in the new chain that you will be giving to your partner. A gold, platinum, or silver chain will pair well with formal suit jackets, sports jackets, and polos. A Figaro chain that is constructed of a less pure metal type may be better suited for casual occasions when your spouse will be active.

The chain quality may reflect upon whether a Figaro jewelry item tarnishes or not. Some jewelry shops may sell plated products. Plated products will contain a metal coating that conceals a substrate. The plating will greatly improve the aesthetics of a cheaper piece of jewelry, without vastly increasing the cost of a jewelry item. Some plating techniques are used to provide a jewelry item with luster and shine. If you purchase a plated Figaro chain, your spouse may be motivated to wear the jewelry in both informal and formal settings.

The Style

Figaro chains do not use one universal link size. Circles and ovals may vary, based upon the jewelry manufacturer that is selling a line of jewelry. The number of links that comprise a piece may also vary. If your spouse already owns some chains, you can use one of these as a guide. When shopping for a Figaro chain, refer to the length and width of the chain that you selected as a guide.

Due to the link design of a Figaro chain, pendants can be be added to a chain. A cross, a nameplate, or a charm can be added to a chain. If you decide to purchase your spouse an embellishment that they can suspend from their new chain, purchase a metal accent piece that is constructed of materials that are similar to what the chain is made of.

If your spouse doesn't own an extensive jewelry collection, they may benefit by having a box or case to store their new jewelry in. Purchase a storage container that contains cushioning that will protect the chain and the accent piece that you have purchased.

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