Display Your State Pride With A Necklace Pendant

Posted on: 15 December 2022

While some people choose necklace pendants that simply have a stylish and eye-catching design, others look to buy pendants that have some type of special meaning. If you're of the latter mindset, you have lots of options to think about. One idea is to buy a pendant that reflects your love of a certain state. You can wear this type of pendant if you were born in the state and still reside there, but you may also enjoy one of these pendants if you no longer live in the state in which you were born. With the pendant hanging around your neck, you'll have a nice reminder of your home state. Here are three state pride pendants to shop for. 

State Shape

You'll see a lot of pendants that are shaped like states. Some states have shapes that are immediately recognizable, and having this shape hanging from a necklace can offer a stylish look that has a special meaning to you. State shape pendants vary in size and design. You'll see some that are small and subtle, featuring little more than a piece of metal cut to the appropriate shape. Others feature more elaborate details, such as a gemstone placed in a specific spot on the shape to reflect the state capital.

State Flag

Another option is to buy a necklace pendant that features your state flag. Some of these pendants are colorful, while others have more of a subdued appearance. The latter will feature the lines of the flag's design etched into a metal rectangle, but not have any bright colors. This can be an ideal option for someone who wants to wear the flag but does not want to draw a lot of attention to it. You'll also see state flag pendants in several different sizes, ranging from very small to moderately large.

State Letters

If you want to go in a different direction, consider a pendant that features the two-letter abbreviation for your state. These pendants are available in different sizes and can feature different font styles, allowing you to find exactly the look that you want. Some of these pendants feature nothing more than the two letters, while others may include additional elements. You'll see pendants with letters that appear on a rectangle or circle shape, while other pendants simply feature the letters on their own.

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